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Pyramid Best Cctv System: Wall Street Journal

“Pyramid Vision’s award winning technologies are the direct result of our access to the world-class vision labs of Sarnoff Corporation,” said Pyramid Vision President & COO Craig Chambers. “This relationship enables Pyramid Vision to stay in the forefront of delivering advanced tools for facility protection to our customers in the most challenging physical security environments.”

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Pyramid Vision was one of just two firms cited for innovation in facilities security. According to the Wall Street Journal’s press release, an independent panel of judges chose 40 companies from among 585 applicants in more than 24 countries. The selection criteria included:

—  Innovations that go well beyond what already exists and do not

        simply represent incremental improvements.

    —  Innovations that address major challenges for which new

        solutions would have a wide-ranging impact in a particular


    —  Applications that were supported by rigorous data         rather than unsubstantiated claims of potential.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Wall Street Journal for our work in video surveillance technologies,” said Dr. Peter Burt, Pyramid Vision Chief Scientist and director of Sarnoff’s computer vision laboratory.

“These innovations translate directly into products that are making a difference for our armed forces and civilian security operators as well.”

The Video Flashlight/VisionAlert system provides advanced threat detection in a three-dimensional visualization interface that changes the way security forces view the world. The core innovation is the ability to “warp and stitch” video streams into 3D space, and analyze and display them in real time.

It permits a single view to contain multiple video streams, all in their correct locations, with the freedom to see the images from any arbitrary point in space. Now security forces are able to intuitively grasp spatial relationships–the previously missing “context” that is critical to understanding the nature of the threat and directing the response.

Video Flashlight(TM) combines multiple video feeds to create a unified, 3-dimensional view of a facility in real time. It enables action-centric navigation, independent of specific camera controls.

VisionAlert(TM) is the only commercially available video analytics product to offer “motion-on-motion” detection capabilities for both fixed and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras.

By electronically stabilizing video images and subtracting background motion, VisionAlert transforms video cameras into intelligent security sensors that spot perimeter breaches and abandoned or loitering objects, and track moving targets – even in low light or bad weather conditions.

About Pyramid Vision

Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Sarnoff Corporation, Pyramid Vision ( www.pyramidvision.com ) develops and manufactures applications that enhance the ability of security operators, public safety authorities and military forces to understand and respond to physical security threats. Under an exclusive licensing arrangement with Sarnoff, Pyramid Vision’s security products are based on a wide portfolio of patents that are fundamental to intelligent video surveillance.


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