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QVS Wins Exclusive American Dynamic Distributorship

WINNING exclusive distribution of American Dynamics is an important development for Q Video Systems, cementing and expanding on an existing relationship QVS (then Baxall) had with AD dating back to 2005.
“So the relationship has always been there, it has just moved to a new level with Tyco seeking to appoint us as their exclusive distributor in order to provide a smoother channel of supply throughout Australia,” explains QVS’ new general manager, Cliff Simmons.
“Our commitment to TYCO is to stock all the major (fast moving) items that have been traditionally sold in Australia and to provide after-sales support to their long-standing clients.  This will include products such as the Ultra 8 PTZ Dome Camera and the Intellex DVRs, just to name a few.”
Simmons says the exclusive arrangement is something that has been negotiated over the last 6 months with QVS proving to have the best footprint and distribution model in relation to others who vied for the opportunity.
In terms of where the AD range fits in performance and quality, Simmons says the company delivers a high quality range of products with offerings that fit into many sectors of the industry.  
“A lot of R&D has gone into the business in recent times and this has resulted in a very good range of equipment all the way through to IP Video Management Systems. AD brings to QVS a good range of cameras, DVRs and IP Equipment that will build on their legacy and integrate well with some of the other products we sell such as DSC Alarms and Access Control. 
“Tyco has also opened up the distribution of the Kantech range of Access Control to QVS which also integrates with their Video systems.  This will mean that QVS can provide total end-to-end security solutions that will appear seamless to the end-user.”
According to Simmons, there will be some doubling up of products and technology but he says there are customer segments out there that are suited well to the AD range. 
“An example of this is the Intellex DVR which has had a long successful history in the retail sector due to its POS interface functionality.”
Meanwhile, Tyco’s John Becker says the company chose QVS as sole distributor for its American Dynamics range for a number of reasons. 
“Tyco has a proven history with QVS and QVS has a proven track record in the Australian market,” he explains. “We believe QVS is best suited to help us develop our brand awareness for this important region.
“It certainly has been something that we believed was important to our long term viability in the Australian market. We believe in a “local-for-local” strategy. Who better than QVS to help us with the local strategy?
And he says there will be ongoing support from Tyco for QVS customers in terms of training and help with major integrated solutions.
“This is not a hand-off of services, but rather a true partnership,”
Becker says. “Tyco will continue to have resources in the region to support our sales efforts, but QVS will be an agent of Tyco in respect to the sales, delivery and support of our award-winning products and solutions.”  
At this time of year with the major local expos looming, new products are at the front of everyone’s mind and Becker says Tyco has plenty to offer. 
“We are constantly launching new security solutions in the market and our most recent introduction, victor, a unified client for security, is a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between legacy analog technology and our new IP solutions,” he explains. 
“This creates both investment protection for our existing customers and future proofing for future applications. Victor will also be the centrepiece of our enterprise solutions as we move forward. We have launched a new Hybrid DVR, as well as our new line of IP cameras, Illustra.
Despite the company’s deserved reputation for mighty analogue matrix switchers, something that stands out is the fact American Dynamics was an undisputed pioneer in the DVR field. One of the first DVRs I ever saw was an AD Intellex back in 1997. Does this pioneering spirit still govern the company’s product development? Becker says it does. 
“Absolutely – we’ve moved from a hardware-centric approach to a solutions-centric platform,” he says. “We still have strong products, but it is the interoperability of our products that strengthens our portfolio and keeps us moving as pioneers of the next frontier.
“Tyco has been a pioneer in the past and will continue our efforts on the front lines into the future. Our plan is to showcase our products, our solutions and our QVS partnership at this year’s ASIAL show.”

AD brings to QVS a good range of cameras, DVRs and IP equipment that will build on its legacy and integrate well with some of the other products we sell such as DSC Alarms and Access Control. Tyco has also opened up the distribution of the Kantech range of Access Control

Cliff Simmons, QVS


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