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SALTO Near Detection Mode

SALTO Near Detection Mode

SALTO Near Detection mode – SALTO’s near detection mode is designed to make Bluetooth wall readers more reliable and easier to use when multiple locks are installed adjacent to one another.

Part of the KS detection app, SALTO Near Detection Mode provides a solution to issues caused by interference that may occur with 2 or more wall readers installed near each other and it also solves the risk of wall readers accidentally reading nearby credentials and unlocking doors when they should not.

Before this functionality, users in an environment incorporating multiple adjacent wall readers could potentially risk the Bluetooth signal being affected when trying to use a digital key. Now with near detection mode, when a SALTO KS app user with the correct authentication rights gets detected by this type of access point, the door automatically opens, without interference.

In near detection mode, reader radius is reduced to avoid interference with other mounted locks. The range of Bluetooth signal when it is enabled is 10-15 cm and the reader is asleep until a digital key or tag is presented to it, after which it can successfully be activated and unlock your door.

If near detection mode is disabled, your SALTO digital key can still successfully activate a wall reader and unlock a door, but from a greater distance. With the feature disabled, your key does not need to be near the reader.

To enable near detection mode, you need an IQ that is at least version 2.3.X. Without this, you will not be able to use Near Detection Mode.
All SALTO BLE-enabled wall readers are compatible with this functionality. In the web app, site admins can click on the ‘locks’ tab at the top of your screen, next go to settings and enable the feature.

Contact SALTO or SALTO distributors for more information on KS solutions.

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