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Samsung 600-line

THERE’S life in analogue yet. Samsung’s new 600-line
SCC-B2337/B2037 cameras distributed in Australia by QVS have been built for the
more than 80 per cent of surveillance applications that are installed as analogue
to the DVR, or as hybrid solutions. So – does the introduction of the world’s
highest resolution analogue surveillance camera make this grunty Samsung pair
the world’s best analogue cameras? Let’s look at the specs and see.

For a start, the SCC-B2337 and 2037 full body cameras
employ 1/3-inch Sony CCD Ex-View HAD IT CCDs giving a maximum resolution of 600
lines. They are full Day/Nights and have a claimed minimum resolution of 0.0002
lux with some infrared lights on to deliver the scene 15 IRE. Samsung says that
in colour with sens-up off you can get colour in 0.12 lux with that same 15 IRE
component. What this means in terms of low light performance in visible light,
only on-site testing will tell – probably around 20 lux with a clear housing

Other features of the SCC-B2337 and 2037 cameras include
motion adapative digital noise reduction, backlight compensation, advanced
motion detection, extended dynamic range, polygonal mosaic privacy masking
function and a high speed shutter. A very neat feature is digital image
stabilisation – it’s the sort of trick functionality you only get from the
better manufacturers.

“On a price/performance ratio I believe these are among
the best analogue CCTV cameras I’ve ever seen – their functionality is simply

Other functions include CCVC (Camera Control Via Coaxial
cable, Controller : SCX-RD100), RS-485 (Half) Control (Multi-Protocol support),
Multi-Language OSD support, Intelligent Video (Moved / Fixed / Fence / Area /
Tracking), C/CS Lens Mount Compatible and power options including DC12V &
AC24V 60Hz(50Hz)

The B5367/B5369 fixed domes use Super HAD PS CCD to
achieve similar specifications – starting with the same 600 lines of horizontal
resolution and IRE enhanced 0.0002-or so minimum scene numbers. Other
functionalities including wide dynamic range, motion detection, backlight
compensation, digital noise reduction, privacy masking and digital image
stabilisation are all included.

According to QVS’ Paul Thompson, these new super high
resolution Day/Night cameras from Samsung represent the pinnacle of analogue
surveillance camera technology.

“A significant number of analogue cameras are still being
installed,” Thompson says. “This is because they are reliable, affordable and
in the case of these Samsung Super High Resolution cameras, they offer the
highest analogue horizontal resolution the video surveillance market has seen.

“On a price/performance ratio I believe these are among
the best analogue CCTV cameras I’ve ever seen. Their functionality is simply


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