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Security Partners Take Flight

Uiver Memorial Community Trust has partnered with Gallagher Security and Watters Electrical to secure an historical KLM DC-2 airliner being restored at Albury.

Security Partners Take Flight With Gallagher and Watters Electrical.

Security Partners Take Flight – Uiver Memorial Community Trust has partnered with Gallagher Security and Watters Electrical to secure an historical KLM DC-2 airliner being restored at Albury, with Gallagher donating an SMB solution and channel partner, Watters Electrical, completing the installation free of charge.

The story of the aircraft is a fascinating one. In 1934, during the MacRobertson Air Race, the KLM DC-2 airliner Uiver became lost in a thunderstorm on the final leg of the race and was forced to land on Albury Racecourse at night. The remarkable story of the rescue of the Uiver by the townsfolk of Albury and the aircraft still taking the handicap prize in the race is the stuff of legend.

Now, a group of dedicated volunteers has joined forces to form the Uiver Memorial Community Trust – the group is committed to restoring the world’s oldest Douglas DC-2 aircraft with the aim of making it a centrepiece at the Albury Plane Museum for future generations to enjoy.

Security Partners Take Flight

Getting behind the project Gallagher Security and Watters Electrical recognised the importance of safeguarding the project, and worked together to supply a security solution up to the task of protecting the Uiver, as well as the machinery and tools required for its restoration.

Uiver DC2 Restoration project manager, Russ Jacob heard about Gallagher Security’s SMB solution through the Holbrook Men’s Shed, which had a solution installed following a break-in earlier in the year. Impressed with the ease of SMB and its cloud-based functionality, Russ reached out to Gallagher.

“The need had grown to have a security system installed, as we were constantly adding new machinery and tools to assist in the restoration project – in addition to the other valuables on site,” Jacob said.

“Given the dollar value of all the equipment and materials, along with the memorabilia and the project itself, a way of protecting the site was vital.”  

According to Gallagher Security sales manager, Victoria and Tasmania, Neil Jarvis, the Uiver restoration project resonated with the Gallagher team’s appetite to support and give back to local associations and community groups.

“As Watters Electrical had recently become a Gallagher partner and had already donated their services for the Holbrook Men’s Shed, they jumped onboard for another opportunity to team up with Gallagher to give back to the community by installing Gallagher SMB at the Albury Hangar. Russ was very impressed with the team at Watters that completed such a high quality installation,” Jarvis said.

According to Watters Electrical CEO, Peter Copley, Watters’ involvement in the Uiver restoration project is driven by a deep appreciation for its historical significance.

“The project aims to revive the Uiver, and we are motivated by the desire to contribute to its restoration,” Copley said. “Recognising the need for enhanced security measures, we partnered with Gallagher Security to provide a comprehensive security system.

“This collaboration not only fortifies the project’s success but also reflects our commitment to preserving and promoting important historical endeavours, like the Uiver restoration at the Albury Hanger.”

Gallagher SMB is a cloud-based security solution that simplifies and streamlines security for businesses and organisations. It puts the power in the hands of the owner and gives them full control over site access via the Gallagher SMB app, allowing businesses to grant temporary access, arm and disarm buildings, request guards, and provide temporary access from their smartphones, offering security at your fingertips.

You can learn more about Watters Electrical here, find out about Gallagher here and read more SEN news here.

“Security Partners Take Flight With Gallagher and Watters Electrical.”



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