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NIDAC Upgrades Prescient DN4

NIDAC has upgraded Prescient DN4 to new software version v1.6.0.

NIDAC Upgrades Prescient DN4 Software With Powerful New Features.

NIDAC Upgrades Prescient DN4 – NIDAC has upgraded Prescient DN4 to new software version v1.6.0 that delivers an appealing range of new features that DN4 users are certain to want.

These include regional anti-passback capability that operates across multiple controllers, the ability for controllers to update user’s state within APB area and to issue updates to other controllers based on events, while a controller will now check with other controllers for the most recent state within APB area on access attempts.

There’s also a lift control preview update with manual level access assignment, an additive access scheme for different access methods (smart default and manual), and the ability to assign levels to user groups with schedules – another time saver for techs – ground floors no longer require addition of a relay.

Overhauled input trigger handling is now provided for doors – triggers can now be customized as edge/level trigger for each input associated with a door and doors can now use dedicated break glass inputs with custom logic handling. In addition, multiple inputs can now be associated with a single door and there’s the added ability to set multiple receiver addresses for SMTP alert notification. Implemented daylight savings time/date changes have also been added for 2024.

NIDAC Upgrades Prescient DN4

When it comes to the user interface, there’s now a multi-step modal of first access after firmware update to configure variables in new features added in firmware updates. There’s also new Controller Live I/O monitoring, while a new button shows live display of a given controller’s I/O with a graphical display with visual cues for enhanced readability.

A text display section has been added to the live I/O monitoring display, a new filter for individual event types has been added to all event and alert pages, and added multi-factor filtering has been added to event logging pages and alert logging pages.

There’s new status for controllers that are applying a firmware update to reply with when queried, support for transitioning across firmware jumps if downloading the update directly from NIDAC’s repository. If there’s an attempt to download a firmware update too far advanced for the current version, the process will be halted before causing irreversible changes. The system will then attempt to download the minimum required version for you and install it instead.

As if all this weren’t enough, the door group page has been optimized to improve performance on large scale sites, sequential accuracy of next occurrence in schedule display has been fixed, and a bug where ‘closed’ time could be changed or deleted resulting in new holidays being unable to be scheduled has been repaired.

The upgrade also offers an overhauled user import process to significantly improve performance characteristics when importing more than 10,000 users at a time.

You can find out more from NIDAC here or read more SEN news here.

“NIDAC Upgrades Prescient DN4 Software With Powerful New Features.”



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