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See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE

See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE, Realm Hotel Canberra, November 16.

See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE, Realm Hotel Canberra, November 16.

See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE 2023, Realm Hotel Canberra, November 16, 11-5pm (pre-register here).

Gunnebo EntraLinq app provides full control of your Gunnebo entry products from any connected location in the world. The intuitive app runs on smartphones and tablets and connects to any Gunnebo product connected to its cloud. Gunnebo EntraLinq app gate control mode lets the user set and change modes, as well as allowing one-time access from remote locations.

Meanwhile, the gate health function mode ensures your connected gates are operating as they should. Gate health mode provides the user with health status information and sends notifications in case of technical alarms. There’s also a high-level health status indication for all connected gates.

A process mode allows you to monitor and analyse process data live and over time, including passage counts, flow rates, fraud alarms, load distribution and capacity utilisation.

And a front of house mode is perfect for receptionists and staff based in the entrance of a building, as it allows an increased level of control of operations. Reception teams can manually grant single passages in entry or exit direction through any gate of your choice or through a single pre-defined gate.

See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE 2 LR
See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE, Realm Hotel Canberra, 11-5pm, November 16.

It’s also possible to change the lane mode (free/controlled/locked) independently in each direction for one gate or multiple gates simultaneously.

Each of these app modes comes as a bundle, with EntraLinq Control ideal for security managers and facility management to gain detailed insight into user traffic with statistics based on people flow and activity using connected gates.

Security managers can view live counting of passages from all connected gates, check daily accumulated passage count (auto-resets at midnight) for each bank of gates, view live counting of fraud alarms from all connected gates and check daily accumulated fraud alarm count (auto-resets at midnight) for each bank of gates.

The EntraLinq Process module is ideal for service technicians and facility management to observe and troubleshoot the health and overall operability of the connected gates onsite. It allows them to receive live status information (OK/technical alarm/offline) for each connected gate, monitor and view technical alarms from all connected gates in real-time and access the daily accumulated count of technical alarms for each bank of gates (auto-resets at midnight).

See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE, Realm Hotel Canberra

Meanwhile, EntraLinq Health provides a detailed and historical overview of the health and functioning of connected gates; providing visual indicators of malfunctions, operability, technical alarms and critical events. It has premium features providing real-time and historical process statistics, allowing deeper analysis of people flow and fraudulent behaviour.

It also includes all premium features found in the entire EntraLinq suite. This includes in-depth information, historical statistics, and advanced monitoring of unlimited number of connected gates. Alternatively, you can hand-pick your modules and build your own tailored solution for your personal requirements.

You can check out Gunnebo EntraLinq at SAGE 2023, Realm Hotel Canberra. SAGE, sponsored by Gallagher, is a 1-day pop-up trade show that lets security managers, security consultants, security installers and security integrators check out the latest gear from Australia’s leading security distributors and manufacturers in their home town.

You can find out more about Gunnebo EntraLinq here or read more SEN news here.

“See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE, Realm Hotel Canberra, November 16.”

See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE 1 LR
See Gunnebo EntraLinq At SAGE.


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