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Sektor Distributing PowerStack

Sektor Distributing PowerStack In Australia.

Sektor Distributing PowerStack In Australia.

Sektor Distributing PowerStack – Sektor reports it has entered into an Australian distribution agreement with PowerStack.

PowerStack provides vertical solar poles for off-grid power to critical and operational infrastructure. PowerStack’s green energy solution enables organisations to run infrastructure including security cameras, monitoring devices, safety lighting, Wi-Fi phones and help points in locations where there is no existing electrical infrastructure.

PowerStack is used around the world in locations including university campuses, mine sites and government facilities. The poles are easy, cost-efficient and fast to install, as well as being highly ruggedised and resistant to accidental or deliberate damage. They’re designed to operate even in mid-winter conditions (when sunlight hours are lowest), so can be deployed anywhere the sun shines.

Sektor Distributing PowerStack 2
Sektor distributing PowerStack.

“Our vertical solar poles are a game changer for powering infrastructure in sites without existing power supply or where traditional infrastructure needs to be refitted,” said Michael Bragg, global sales director at PowerStack.

“We know there is a significant demand for our technology in Australia and a push towards sustainable design, and we have selected Sektor to help us reach that market.

“We chose Sektor for several key reasons: first and foremost, because of their outreach – Sektor has a wide range of partners to help us expand our presence. Our solution powers some of the products Sektor sells – such as security cameras, and help points – so it’s a natural extension to the conversations that Sektor is already having.

“We also feel it’s very important to work with someone who has the same values as us. We like the way that Sektor operates, and value the honesty and trust that has allowed our two organisations to build such a strong rapport. So it really is a very natural partnership.”

Sektor Distributing PowerStack In Australia.

Tom Kinkade, Sektor’s security sales manager said the Sektor team was thrilled to add the innovative PowerStack solution to its portfolio.

“PowerStack solutions complement our existing technologies, and enables Sektor to deliver complete solutions, even in areas where there is no traditional underground power.

“Solar power is so fundamental to Australia’s future and with PowerStack solar poles, Sektor is excited to be able to play a role in broadening the reach of this amazing green technology.”

You can find out more about PowerStack here, learn about Sektor here and read more SEN news here.

“Sektor Distributing PowerStack In Australia.”

Sektor Distributing PowerStack 1 LR
Sektor distributing PowerStack.


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