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Senstar-Stellar Delivers Dreambox

DreamBox is an embedded hardware and software product that integrates a number of CCTV related applications into one box. It contains twelve different applications, including Digital Video and Audio Recording, Video & Audio Matrix Switcher, Outdoor and Indoor Video Motion Detection System (VMD), Security Management System (SMS) and Transmission system.

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The system is economical, compact and avoids the use of complicated cable installations and network protocols integration.   

Multiple DreamBox units connect to each other using a distributed network topology.  This architecture doesn’t require any central server and thus has no single point of failure. 

Processing, data and storage space are easily shared between units over redundant data paths, which insure maximum system uptime in almost any event.

DreamBox is substantially lower in price than the cost of the individual technologies combined, which positions DreamBox as an affordable security solution for strategic facilities.

Its target markets include government, institutional and other sensitive facilities, such as: airports, train stations, seaports, prisons, casinos and hospitals, all of which require the use of high quality CCTV applications


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