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SMC 4G Stay Safe Watch

SMC Now Supports 4G Stay Safe Watch

SMC 4G Stay Safe Watch – SMC has announced the team can now support monitoring of the new 4G Safety Watch from Stay Safe Technology.

“This safety device will suit the lone worker, child safety, domestic violence and personal safety markets,” said SMC’s Josh Simmons.

“Monitoring will be undertaken from our 2 Asial Graded A1-R1A control rooms, the only two rooms in Australia to be awarded grading at this level. This solution is available for all our SMC bureaus or any other security companies looking to use our services in 2023.”

According to Simmons, the Staysafe Wearable is a personal safety device which is compact and easy to use. With no complicated setup for our bureaus the device uses its own SIM card allowing connection to the mobile 4G network. Multiple alarm alerts can be monitored from SMC’s pair of A1-R1A graded control rooms.

“These types of solutions can be used to help protect people within the domestic violence space, prison guards, health care and not-for-profit workers,” Simmons said. “Bureaus have also used this type of technology and combined it with our video verification solutions, adding an extra level of security for their customers.”

SMC 4G Stay Safe Watch

Stay Safe Technology is an Australian-owned and operated company committed to safety. Its personal safety solutions provide location-based technology that is discreet and easy to use, providing emergency assistance for the lone worker as well as victims of domestic and family violence.

Staysafe Alert is a complete personal safety system which incorporates the Stay Safe iOS or Android application with an integrated Bluetooth duress alert button. Unlike standalone apps which require you to unlock the phone, enter a password or swipe the screen, this solution has a Bluetooth duress button linked, which when used can trigger an alert even with the app running in the background.

If you are interested in this solution, please contact the SMC team on 1300 791 355 and push option 1 for sales – hop onto the SMC website here to email the team.

*Note SMC only carry out the monitoring of the solution. All equipment, portal and SIM costs are charged directly from the supplier to bureau.

SMC 4G Stay Safe Watch
SMC 4G Stay Safe Watch

SMC 4G Stay Safe Watch Features:

  • Discreet, compact and lightweight button
  • SOS activation via Bluetooth button or via app screen
  • Phone vibration confirmation option
  • Paired to mobile removing 4G/5G concerns
  • IP67 rating
  • Check in check out capability on the app
  • Advance Geo-fence functions
  • SOS/Duress alerts
  • 2-way voice call for SOS Alerts
  • SMS and email location reporting
  • IPX4 splash-proof rating
  • Full web interface allowing device management for bureaus
  • One way voice (listen-in mode).

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