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Sydney Noise Camera Tender

Sydney noise camera tender released.

Sydney Noise Camera Tender Released.

Sydney, NSW Environment Protection Authority has gone to tender for a trial solution to combat noisy hoons.

According to the tender release, NSW Government has commited to trial a noise camera detection system – combining microphones and CCTV cameras – to evaluate if the technology can be used to address noisy vehicles and anti-social driving.

While there are some dedicated solutions, this area of development tends towards the bleeding edge, making room for partnerships between integrators, product developers, camera manufacturers and software management providers.

The intention is to trial the technology in the field and under controlled conditions. The public portion of the tender gives precious little information – you need to register or log in to learn more.

Sydney Noise Camera Tender 2 LR
Sydney noise camera tender released – here’s a dismounted SoundVue solution from UK-based Intelligent Instruments .

From the point of view of security people and their operations, the plan may feed into public CCTV solutions monitored by police that currently provide vehicle identification, or the system may operate independently, as speed cameras operate.

Sydney Noise Camera Tender

Security people who ride V-twin motorcycles with custom pipes – including SEN’s editor – are on notice. NSW EPA’s noise limits are 90dB for cars and 94dB for motorcycles. It’s obvious heavy vehicles and public buses are going to need special dispensation.

This Sydney noise camera tender closes on January 19 – you can register or log-in to learn more here or read more SEN news here.

“Sydney Noise Camera Tender Released.”

Sydney noise camera tender released.



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