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Tecom TS1067E Network Access

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller Released.

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller Released.

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller – Aritech has released the new TS1067E Network Access Controller with Wiegand.

According to Aritech, since the initial release of the Network Access Controller, Aritech has listened to feedback from its customers in the market to drive change in product development, from firmware updates that allow lifts and doors to work side-by-side on the same controller, to new hardware variants such as the 4-door/lift NAC.

Tecom TS1067E Network Access-Using the same advanced technology found in the Network Access Controller, this new TS1067E provides additional enhancements alongside a classic form-factor, designed with ease of upgradeability in mind to deliver a powerful, expandable, and cost-effective access control solution for Tecom systems.

The NAC with Wiegand provides a more accessible entry point for access control customers, including 2000 users and 4 doors/lifts out of the box, with support for the new Dynamic Product Licensing (DPL) functionality.

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller 2 LR
Tecom TS1067E Network Access 3

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller Released

Paired with the same large memory capacity found on the NAC, DPL enables further expansion of doors and users at any time, with no downtime or additional hardware required. This makes the NAC with Wiegand ideally suited for jobs of all sizes.

All the advancements you’ll find on the TS1066 NAC are also present in the TS1067E NAC with Wiegand, including flexible connection options direct to software and/or ChallengerPlus, user-configurable and scheduled override times on each door/lift, advanced power and battery management, customisable hardware configuration and mapping, advanced diagnostics in CTPlus, and more.

In addition to this existing functionality, the NAC with Wiegand has with 4 onboard Wiegand inputs, 16 onboard inputs, a new input expander header for up to 2 x TS1021 boards, an additional onboard relay, and a switchable AUX power terminal, which allows for 12V DC power output to be controlled directly in response to a variety of situations.

There’s also Dual-BUS to support Tecom RS-485 readers or expanders, OSDP v2, Aperio and Salto. You can find out more about the Tecom TS1067E here or read more SEN news here.

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller Features:

  • 4 onboard Wiegand ports
  • Allows doors and lifts on a single controller
  • Direct connection to supported software
  • Compatible with ChallengerPlus panels
  • Large memory capacity:
  • Up to 250,000 users
  • 10,000 door groups
  • 50,000 history events
  • Remote flash firmware upgradeable
  • Supports Dynamic Product Licensing
  • Onboard ethernet
  • 16 inputs onboard
  • 6 readers per door with any combination of in/out
  • Input expander port
  • Relay expander port
  • Scheduled lock/unlock override times
  • User configurable door override times
  • Card data can be up to 128 bits on every credential
  • Map up to 32 inputs and 16 outputs for use with ChallengerPlus panel
  • Up to 100 actions can be scheduled such as lock/unlock and enable/disable
  • Internal error analysis (can find and repair faults avoiding unit malfunction).
  • Operating: 0 to 50C
  • Dimensions Board 218 (W) x 255 (H) x 48mm (D)
  • In enclosure: 395 (W) x 580 (H) x 112mm (D)
  • Weight Board only: 0.6 kg
  • In enclosure: 12 kg
  • Regulatory compliance ACMA RCM for Australia and New Zealand
  • Battery space 2 x 12 Ah battery.

“Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller Released.”

Tecom TS1067E Network Access Controller 4 LR
Tecom TS1067E Network Access 4


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