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Thermal Signature Explosives Detection

Markland’s research into so-called “stand off” detection and warning systems – systems that can identify concealed weapons on individual attackers at distances up to 50 meters – will combine existing thermal sensors with new thermal signature-processing technology to create tools to help military and police personnel screen for would-be assailants. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

“There are currently no adequate technology solutions available to homeland security and military personnel that can help them identify a suicide bomber or terrorist gunman before the attacker can get close enough to inflict real harm,” said Mr. Tarini. “We believe that Markland’s research may represent a leap forward in the creation of systems that can detect these attackers with a degree of success.”

Markland’s concealed weapons stand-off systems initiatives are based on modifications to thermal sensors that are already deployed in large numbers throughout the military. The new stand-off solutions will augment the thermal imaging capabilities of these sensors with innovative signal processing techniques that process different wavelengths of light and heat. This will enable the systems to help military and law enforcement personnel more quickly and more easily detect guns or bombs concealed on the persons of would-be attackers and terrorists.

The stand-off systems will also integrate innovative methods of analyzing human behavior, including unnatural physical movement and facial biometrics that are associated with malicious intent, such as thermal signatures, to increase the ability to identify potential terrorists or other dangerous individuals.


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