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$US50 Million Paid for Cloud Access Control Company

CLOUD access control company, Brivo Systems, has been acquired by Eagle Eye Networks CEO, Dean Drako, who plans to combine technologies to create an on-demand cloud-based security management system, combining access control and video surveillance.

“Brivo will operate as a standalone company under the Brivo name," Drako told SSI's Martha Entwhistle recently. "The companies will have close relationships and close ties on integration, on partnership, on teaming up. Those will be tighter than would be possible with 2 companies that had separate owners, but they will operate as separate companies.

"Brivo’s true cloud architecture and open API approach put it a generation ahead of other access control systems. Cloud solutions provide exceptional benefits and Brivo is clearly the market and technology leader,” Drako told SSI. “Brivo has also been committed to strong, long-standing relationships with its channel partners, which I believe is the best strategy for delivering extremely high customer satisfaction.

“One of the motivators for some of our customers moving to Brivo is the cybersecurity-IT interface,” Drako said. “Every company wants to remotely manage their access control system. They want to add users, delete users, open doors, do things that they sometimes have to do at odd hours and they don’t want to have to come in to work to do it.” 

“The access control system gets connected to the Internet and with that comes a whole host of cyber security issues. The access control system can now be a gateway into the rest of the network, potentially compromising credit card and private customer data or control the doors and let people in. If you go with a Brivo cloud system, then you avoid a lot of these headaches.”

Brivo builds Software as a Service (SaaS) access control applications and the currently has more than 6 million users and 100,000 access points.♦


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