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Vesta Zigbee Thermostat

Vesta Zigbee Thermostat

Vesta Zigbee Thermostat – TMST-2ZBS/TMST-2B-ZBS is a Zigbee thermostat designed to be incorporated into household heating and cooling systems for home environment control.

TMST-2ZBS/TMST-2B-ZBS can control the temperature and maintain a comfort environment by adjusting the heating or cooling system to a preferred set point.

Unlike traditional programming interface that requires users to follow the complicated programming instruction, this smart thermostat offers flexible and intuitive programming interface to configure schedules and conditions for different living behaviors and further help users save more on energy bills.

The thermostat allows users to control and program your system from your PCs, smart phones and tablets and makes itself easier to be controlled from anywhere around the world. It is an ideal device to any ZigBee connected home system and plays an important role for energy management.

Features include 4-button design for easy operation with any ZigBee connected home system, simple and intuitive programming interface and remote connectivity for easy remote management from PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Applications can include control of gas/oil boiler systems, electric heating and zoning systems with or without dampers, set point range is + 5C to +30C with 0.1°C increments for heating and cooling systems.

There’s indoor air quality support with easy integration for humidification, dehumidification and ventilation, temperature alerts activated if temperature changes by +/- 2C, compatibility with 24V heating and cooling systems and works with single state or multi-stage heating and cooling systems.

You can find out more from CSM on 1300 663 904 or ask at your local branch in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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