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Video surveillance market will grow 9 per cent in 2010

Titled “The World
Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment—2010 Edition,” the report
finds the impact of the economic downturn has been more profound in the analog
video surveillance equipment market than it has for IP-based equipment.

End user
verticals that are analog-centric were among the most heavily affected by the
downturn. The accelerated adoption of network video surveillance solutions
further impacted the sales of analog video surveillance equipment in 2009,
according to the report.

“The global
analog video surveillance market is forecast to have contracted by more than 5
percent in 2009, whilst the network video surveillance market grew by more than
18 percent,” says Gary Wong, an IMS Research analyst who authored the report.

The introduction
of high definition (HD) network cameras and the increasing adoption of open standards,
such as ONVIF and PSIA, are expected to further accelerate the migration toward
network video surveillance.

With the
exception of China, the market for analog video surveillance equipment is
expected to recover more slowly and to remain challenging for vendors. This is
particularly true as the enterprise market segment continues to transition
quickly toward network video surveillance solutions and the low-end market
becomes increasingly price competitive.

Research shows
that analog video surveillance equipment still represents the majority of
annual unit shipments and demand shows no signs of fading in the foreseeable
future; however, the market for analog video surveillance products is expected
to become increasingly commoditized, according to the report.


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