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Vlado Enters CCTV Partnership With ASIAL

Vlado Damjanovski is partnering with Australia’s national security association, ASIAL, on the publication of his final book on video surveillance.

“It is with great excitement that I announce my commitment for a new book – after working in the industry for over 38 years, this will be my swansong, and my last gift to the industry,” Damjanovski said.

“Built on the work of my previous 5-star rated technical books, this new version will be updated and expanded as the technology has evolved, since writing the last edition ‘CCTV – from light to pixels,’ in 2014. Technology changes at a fast pace, and the 7 years since the last edition is a long time in the development of CCTV technologies.

“This calls for new chapters on many topics, including VMS and the cloud concepts, AI and Video Content Analytics, the new 62676 standards, new compression algorithms, thermal imaging, and so much more. With over 600 pages, fully illustrated and well explained, the new book will be a reference manual for many years to come.”

Targeted readers are current and future industry professionals, including system integrators, consultants, installers, distributors, manufacturers, government organisations, tertiary and technical students worldwide.

“Although the main industries of interest will be the security and video surveillance, the book will be equally useful for all involved in the developing of modern AI algorithms based on video, autonomous driving, robotics, manufacturing, traffic monitoring centres, medical research, maritime industries, astronomy and much more,” Damjanovski said.

“I’ve signed an agreement with the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) to produce the new book, and I thank them for their generous support in this project. I am especially excited that the English language rights of this book, for both printed and electronic versions, will be owned by an Australian company, rather than an American publisher, as they were with the previous 3 editions.”

The book is due to be launched in the middle of 2022, so get in early and pre-book your signed copy with a special discount, via contact details on ASIAL’s website here or by contacting Vlado directly on Vlado@ViDiLabs.

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