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Vlado Launches Online CCTV Training Courses

Vlado Damjanovski, the Australian security industry’s foremost CCTV expert, has launched 2 new online training courses, which include 15 hours of training conducted over a 5-day period via Zoom.

The syllabus of each of the courses, Complete CCTV and Practical CCTV, is comprehensive to say the least, covering key areas like light, resolution, colour, transmission, compression, system design, tendering, installation and implementation of IP CCTV systems, choosing VMS, commissioning systems, implementing GDPR, and plenty more.

“If you want to understand how cameras and optics work, demystify compression, get a crash course on IP networking, and learn how to design and test your system – we are here to help,” Damjanovski said.

The Complete CCTV is an online seminar covering the complete fundamentals of CCTV. The syllabus includes:

Light and television

• Light basics and the human eye
• Light units
• Lux-meters
• Colours in television
• Light sources and colour temperatures
• Eye persistence and moving pictures

Optics in CCTV

• Lenses as optical elements
• Lens resolution (MTF)
• F and T numbers
• Depth of field
• Manual, auto, and P-iris lenses
• Image and lens formats in CCTV
• Angles of view and determining them


• A little bit of history
• The very basics of analog television
• Interlaced video and syncs
• Converting Analogue to Digital

Digital Video

• Why digital video?
• Digital signal waveforms
• Raw and compressed digital video
• Types of compressions
• Image compressions
• Video compressions

CCTV Cameras

• General about cameras
• CCD and CMOS cameras
• Spectral response of sensors
• Seeing colours
• Camera specifications
• Camera Sensitivity
• Minimum illumination
• Camera resolution
• Signal/Noise ratio (SNR)
• Dynamic range of imaging sensors
• Thermal imaging cameras
• Fixed and PTZ cameras
• Multi-sensor panoramic camera
• Camera power supplies and PoE

Displays and viewing details

• LCD and OLED displays
• About pixels and resolution
• Psycho-physiology of viewing details
• Recognising faces and details in

CCTV Transmission Media

• Coaxial cables
• Twisted pair video transmission
• Cat cables
• Microwave links
• Fibre optics
• Fibre optics cables

Networking in CCTV
• Ethernet
• Data speed and types of network cabling
• Ethernet over coax and UTP cables
• Network concepts and components
• The Internet Protocols
• IP addresses and Ports
• Putting a network system together
• The IP query commands

Video Management Systems

• Operating Systems (OS)
• The different file systems
• Hard disk drives
• Hard disk connectivity standards (SATA)
• Hard disks failures
• CPUs and GPUs
• IEC 62676 standars and ONVIF

Video analytics

• History of video analytics
• VCA – intro
• AI, the brain and how it works
• Deep Learning
• CPU and GPU
• Databases
• VCA types and examples
• Outputs, detection and precision of VCA
• Confidence level and Accuracy
• Detection and Precision rate
• Human attention
• Situational awareness
• Image quality

CCTV system design

• Designing and quoting a CCTV system
• Installation considerations
• Drawings
• Commissioning
• Training and manuals
• Handing over
• Preventative maintenance

The Practical CCTV seminar covers practical aspects of IP CCTV (IP VSS), including practical system design, tendering, installation and implementation of IP CCTV systems. Recommended for experienced professionals with an understanding of fundamentals.

Practical topics include:

The new IP VSS standards

• The 62676 standards
• Pixel Density
• Resolution
• Minimum Illumination
• Apparent Dynamic Range
• Motion blur
• Environmental influences

CCTV in Practice

• The process of Tendering
• Understanding the customer
• Site inspections
• Installation considerations
• SW and HW selection
• Special considerations

System design

• Designing and quoting a CCTV system
• Presentation and documentation
• Training and manuals
• Commissioning
• Hand-over
• Preventative maintenance
• Security (GDPR)


• Drawing tools
• Reference template for a VSS
• Putting a network system together
• Project implementation
• Installation and Operation
• Trouble-shooting tips

Project management

• Choosing the right VMS
• Choosing the right cameras
• Testing
• Using a test chart
• Camera quality analysis
• ViDiLabs calculator

Faces and LPR

• Face identification standards
• Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)
• Motion blur due to moving objects
• Moving vehicles at an angle
• Electronic shutter
• Minimising motion blur
• Strobe lights
• Storage calculation
• Practical examples

Bank and Casino applications

• Light levels in banks and casinos
• Money, Casino cards and chips recognition
• Colour temperatures
• Examples
• Motion blur due to moving objects
• Rotating objects blur (roulette wheels)
• Electronic shutter
• Image and Video Compressions
• Storage calculation
• Practical examples

Video Testing

• The ViDi Labs HD/UHD test chart
• Setup procedure
• Static tests
• Motion tests
• Some real life examples

Using the ViDiLabs calculator

• The ViDiLabs calculator concept
• Angles of view
• Pixel Densities
• Finding the focal length
• Motion blur and how to reduce it
• Storage capacity
• Practical examples.

You can contact Vlado on 0438 832 282 for more information or click here to see the full syllabus of each course.


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