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73 Australian Airports to Get $A172 Million Security Upgrade

FULL body x-ray scanners will be installed at domestic airport screening points under a major overhaul of Australia’s airport security protocols. There will also be more police and Border Force officers assigned to major airports.

For passenger screening, the government will mandate the installation of full-body computed tomography (CT) scanners at the entry to domestic terminals, which currently use only metal detector gates. The overhaul’s will replace standard luggage x-rays with CT scanners for carry-on and checked luggage for both domestic and international services.

While the full-body scanners will be installed at Australia’s 9 major domestic and international airports at the expense of airlines and airport operators, the plan will also see $A172 million spent on upgraded security infrastructure at 64 regional airports.

“We are worried about the settings at our domestic airports,” said Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. “Obviously there is a different security setting at our international airports where we do have full body scanners.”

“We know that airports, forecourts within the airports, are targets for terrorist organisations around the world. We have seen that in Europe.”

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