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ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation

ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation Under IMG.

ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation Under IMG.

ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation – ADT Security Australia and New Zealand will focus on residential self-installation after being acquired by Intelligent Monitoring Group.

“This acquisition is more than a business transaction; it’s a transformational moment for our industry,” said Dennison Hambling, managing director, Intelligent Monitoring Group.

Aligning with modern trends, ADT Security will embrace a new installation model and move away from traditional wired security panels to self-installation in the residential sector, which Hambling said will enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction.

ADT Security said its customers will be introduced to new products and advanced security solutions under IMG’s leadership over the next 12 months. ADT Security remains committed to serving its customers while planning for significant growth within business and household security.

ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation Under IMG

“By bringing ADT Security back to local ownership, we’re strengthening our commitment to the region and reinforcing our mission to provide security and trust to households and businesses across Australia and New Zealand,” Hambling said.

Under its new ownership, ADT Security will enhance its focus on Australia and New Zealand, with dedicated leadership teams driving decisions specific to each market. Geoff Campbell-Brown will lead operations in Australia, while Alison Kingdon will take charge in New Zealand.

“With the expertise of local leaders like Geoff and Alison, we are perfectly positioned to understand and respond to the unique needs of our customers in each region,” Hambling said.

“We’re excited to leverage ADT Security’s strong brand and innovative technology to drive growth and enhance the customer experience.”

ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation

Hambling said after IMG’s purchase of ADT ANZ that a growing number of owners of independent security companies were looking to retire, or were seeking succession options.

“We believe IMG is positioned as the only significantly funded Australian-backed business, with scale to provide a sustainable pathway for the over 2000 Australian independent security providers to…retire in the next 5 years,” he said.

For more information about ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation, this acquisition and the future of ADT Security under IMG, visit ADT here or you can read more SEN news here.

“ADT ANZ Focus Under IMG After Acquisition.”

ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation
ADT ANZ To Focus On Self Installation 3


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