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AFN Wins Bayside Council Smart Cameras

AFN Solutions has won a tender to supply smart cameras to Bayside Council in Sydney.

AFN Solutions has won a tender to supply smart cameras to Bayside Council in Sydney.

AFN wins Bayside Council smart cameras – AFN Solutions has won a tender to supply smart camera solutions to Bayside Council, a southern local government area in Sydney located around part of Botany Bay which has deployed a system incorporating Art of Logic and NX Witness.

According to the original tender, the AFN team will undertake a comprehensive audit of Bayside Council’s existing CCTV asset, networks and wireless infrastructure. A report will be submitted to outline the areas that requires upgrading to ensure the network is future ready and capable of supporting License Plate Recognition (LPR) and machine learning.

The deployment will include new installations on Ausgrid infrastructure which will require AFN to prepare an installation design submission for approval by Ausgrid and collaborate with third party contractors to ensure works carried out comply with Ausgrid standards. AFN will collaborate with Council’s current enforcement platform contractor to develop an application programming interface (API) to integrate data from offences to Council’s infringement management platform, PinForce.

AFN wins Bayside Council smart cameras

AFN will be responsible for the development of LPR technology on CCTV cameras capable of enforcing different parking restrictions in the Bayside LGA. The LPR technology will be capable of detecting timed and non-timed parking offences, recording the event, capturing photographic evidence, and generate email notification. This LPR technology will be deployed to cameras locations chosen by council.

AFN will also be required to develop objective recognition technology to be deployed to cameras chosen by council. Object recognition technology will be able to detect objects such as people, bikes, motorcycles and watercraft vehicles. Data from object recognition will be made accessible to council for reporting purposes.

Bayside has already deployed a smart CCTV solution in the area. Art of Logic used edge-based video analytic hardware, fully integrated with Nx Witness VMS, to address the challenges raised by Bayside Council with a simple, easy-to-implement solution that gave the foreshore the ability to address existing issues and the flexibility to expand upon the reach and applications of its solution.

Meanwhile, Nx provided the video management system (Nx Witness VMS) and Art of Logic provided the hardware and video analytics (GPU box, Object Recognition, Vehicle Recognition, License Plate Recognition). Art of Logic partnered with system integrator, AFN Solutions to help develop and deploy the fully customized security solution, which will now be enhanced with smart cameras as part of the AFN wins Bayside Council smart cameras upgrade.

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“AFN Solutions has won a tender to supply smart cameras to Bayside Council.”


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