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Alarm.com Water Dragon

Alarm.com Water Dragon is a compact Z-Wave Long Range device that uses ultrasonic technology to detect water leaks excessive water consumption and tracks it on the Alarm.com app.

“For years, Alarm.com has been innovating and reimagining how to apply smart home technology to proactively detect and prevent problems in the home,” said Dan Kerzner, chief product officer at Alarm.com.

What can Alarm.com Water Dragon do?

“The Alarm.com Water Dragon leak sensor monitors unexpected water activity so Alarm.com customers can better avoid the conditions that cause mold, costly repairs, and even property loss before it’s too late. Whole-home security encompasses more than just intruder protection and should include solutions to ensure your structure is protected from threats inside and out.”

According to Alarm.com’s homeowner survey, 84 per cent of respondents want to monitor water consumption more closely to minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

“Alarm.com Water Dragon Leak Sensor is part of a comprehensive energy and water management offering that includes not only smart thermostats, water devices, and lights, but also solar and irrigation systems,” said Abe Kinney, senior director of product management at Alarm.com.

“In the Alarm.com app, consumers can monitor and automate their energy usage to make smarter and more sustainable decisions that are better for their home, budgets, and reducing their carbon footprint.”

Alarm.com Water Dragon

The unit attaches to the main water line in minutes and can monitor for leaks and unexpected water use caused by running toilets or hidden leaks in walls and floors. Water Dragon also allows users to monitor the temperature of their pipes and sends alerts for potential frozen pipes, safeguarding against catastrophic water damage.

The Alarm.com Water Dragon leak sensor is one of the first products offered by Alarm.com that utilizes Z-Wave Long Range – a new protocol standard that significantly extends the range and reliability of Z-Wave devices and eliminates the need for Z-Wave repeaters.

Alarm.com Water Dragon Leak Sensor will be available for purchase through integrators in the U.S. and Canada beginning in spring/summer 2023 – check with ANZ suppliers for local release dates.

More new products here and more SEN News here. You can chat with BGW Technologies about Alarm.com solutions at SecTech Roadshow.

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