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BGW Technologies i-Pro Config Tool

BGW Technologies i-Pro Config Tool Released.

BGW Technologies i-Pro Config Tool Released.

BGW Technologies i-Pro Config Tool – i-Pro has designed a configuration tool allowing its cameras to seamlessly integrate with Milestone and Genetec VMS.

According to BGW Technologies’ national product manager, Mark Shannon, the config tool transforms the ease of installing and configuring iPro cameras without having to use other software utilities. It is now at your fingertips within the VMS platform of choice speeding up deployment.

The release of the integration tool allows administrators to configure the advanced settings of iPro network cameras, NVRs and encoders using a simple GUI.

Accessible Features With i-Pro Config Tool:

  • Batch camera settings – administrators are now able to configure up to 1024 cameras simultaneously
  • Recorder settings – data can be produced off-line
  • Ability to maintain multiple cameras has been made more efficient
  • Backup and restore configuration settings
  • Firmware updates can be set for auto-install, ensuring cameras are always up to date.

“These capabilities will make life easier for installation administrators, however, the real power comes with the configuration of extension software for the i-Pro AI suite, including AI people detection and AI vehicle detection, which brings the iPro cameras to life,” Shannon said.

“The development of the configuration tool and it’s synergies with Milestone’s XProtect, and Genetec Security Center is another way iPro is also working with installation companies to help them save time and money by making their products easy to install and set up, particularly on larger projects.”

“It’s great to be working with iPro as the team continues to grow – there’s a lot of development on the horizon we’re excited about.”

To find out more about iPro products and the new integration tool, get into touch with your local BGW Technologies branch or check out the demonstration here – you can see more SEN news here.

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i-Pro Config Tool for Genetec, Milestone VMS.
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