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LOX Locking Black Mags

LOX Locking Black Mags At DAS.

LOX Locking Black Mags At DAS.

LOX Locking Black Mags – LOX Locking’s black mag locks (EM3500M-BLK) are now in stock at DAS. Part of the comprehensive Electro Magnetic Lock range, the EM3500M-BLK is for single door monitors and has a maximum holding force of 280kg.

The EM3500M-BLK features a built-in Hall Effect sensor monitoring the locking device status (lock/unlock, LSS – lock status sensor) as well as a built-in switch contact for monitoring the status of the door (open/closed, DSS – door status sensor).

Other key features include a highly visible red and green LED Status Light and an anti-tamper Fixing Plate to avoid hostile attacks targeted on the dome-nut-fixing bolt of its armature plate.

LOX Locking Black Mags

According to Chris Murray, the lock is one of the most successful electromagnetic locks in the market.

“The EM3500M-BLK is easy to install and upholds the LOX Locking standard of quality, meaning it’s reliable as it is aesthetically pleasing,” Murray said.

“While its durability makes it suitable for various high-security verticals, its black anodised body makes it ideal for buildings that have black doorframes – which adds a modern edge to the solution.”

For EM3500M-BLK stock and LOX Locking accessories, contact your local DAS representative here or read more SEN news here.

“LOX Locking Black Mags At DAS.”

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LOX Locking Black Mags feature 280kg holding strength.


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