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Bosch Releases VMS 4.0 Video Management System

Developed and built upon previous versions, it also has added features and capabilities that optimize security while minimizing installation and operating costs. With Bosch VMS 4.0, operators know instantly what is happening in the entire organization; they can make decisions and act quickly. 
Bosch Mobile client and Transcoding technology allows the sending of critical information at the right place and time regardless of IP network constraints. 
Configuration and operation is also simple with the system’s server client architecture coupled with iSCSI streaming and recording technologies. It can be set up from any operator or mobile client that is within the IP network.
Developed with simplicity in mind BVMS 4.0 is designed for configuration options ranging from a single standalone system to a multi-site large scale application. Bosch VMS 4.0 is capable of managing more than 10,000 cameras and up to 100 operator client connections. The scalability in managing more channels and clients results in a system that can fulfill increasing demands of different or disperse operational entities while improving user and administrator operational efficiency:
Operator Benefits include interconnecting authorized independent sites and entities for collaborative operations and single sign on for authorized users allows connection rights to access other sites and resources beyond their own system.
Authorized users can connect to any and all sites including mobile clients and an operator sees only cameras with permissions and simply selects the desired site within the tree view. Meanwhile, there’s mobile client view of live and playback images for iPods and iPads and the system allows for authorized mobile roaming personnel to connect regardless of bandwidth. 
Integrated alarm management routes critical events to selected user groups and there’s a map that’s positioned automatically in accordance with a selected camera.
Bosch VMS 4.0 offers an enterprise class IP video security solution that provides smooth management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. Existing BVMS installations can easily implement and leverage the multi-site architecture or be included in a group of sites by simply upgrading to the BVMS enterprise software.
Administrator features include monitoring and management of geographically distributed or different legal entity surveillance systems centrally. There’s also the ability to overcome the challenges of integrating several independent surveillance entities into a large scale system that provides monitoring and administration access to the entire system while still allowing for local management and monitoring.
There are flexible user and administrator rights with both global and local access and users and administrators can be granted access to any combination of sites – from a single system to all entities – with the multi-site environment. Live and playback video can be shared between geographically distributed sites within one large entity or between installations belonging to different operational entities.
You get high system availability and reliability because sites are not dependent on each other for clients. In cases where the central server connection is no longer available, the operator client continues to work and live playback and export remains possible 
BVMS 4.0 is designed to work with all Bosch surveillance products as well as ONVIF Profile S conformant devices as part of a total video security management system. Bosch VMS 4.0 can support the latest HD or megapixel cameras and Bosch decoders with user controlled monitor wall display capabilities.   
Multiple methods of storage and playback are possible with direct attached iSCSI storage or  Secure Digital or Compact Flash cards in Bosch encoders and IP cameras—as well as with Bosch Video Recording Manager iSCSI storage devices and appliances, Bosch Recording Station (BRS) and DiBos Digital Video Recorders. 
This effortless integration protects your existing investment and provides a single platform for viewing video from multiple sources in a system. BVMS 4.0 now Supports ONVIF Profile S conformant 3rd party cameras for live and continuous recording through Bosch Video Streaming Gateway, which is included as part of the BVMS 4.0 VRM iSCSI recording engine.
With BVMS 4.0, new framework exists for integrating external systems with a complete set of SDKs. This enables full integration of 3rd party systems, like access control, PSIM, or any other collaborative systems. The new client and server SDK allows integration and bi-directional sharing of information as needed. APIs and sample codes are available for developers to leverage. 
Developer features include a consolidated API interface to systems  beyond the BVMS, a new cameo SDK providing live, playback and export, a client SDK promoting the development of a custom remote control operator client and a server SDK to receive events and alarms, as well as a remote control system.
Combined with Bosch IP devices, inherited feature sets include dual streaming, edge based IVA and Forensic search without an extra server, direct iSCSI recording, edge transcoding, region of interest stream, dynamic adaptive bandwidth, and recording bookmarks. 
BVMS 4.0 Enterprise is suitable for a wide range of applications form single site to large or distributed sites, including airports, city centers, casinos, manufacturing facilities, campus and school or any other large geographically or operational entity dispersed environments.
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