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Updated Honeywell DVM Impresses At MONA

Updated Honeywell DVM Impresses At MONA

The user interface is the most visible enhancement to DVM R500. The updated design follows established multimedia interface principles, which creates intuitive, agile navigation, helping boost productivity and reduce security event response times, as well as training costs.
These improvements are augmented by smart diagnostics modules that analyze system operations to help security operators quickly process activity reports, run system diagnostics, and check system performance and status.
“This is one of the most dynamic, user-friendly systems I’ve seen,” said Ken Yildiran, security officer for the Museum of Old and New Art, a DVM customer located in Hobart, Australia. “The analysis and reporting that would normally take 4-5 hours is now measured in minutes, allowing our operators to focus on other critical duties.”
New recording and playback capabilities, combined with the improved interface, can also help security personnel quickly pinpoint potential threats and react before they become incidents. By providing various, time-coordinated views, the same tools can reduce forensic investigation time after an event.
These features include synchronised and instant playback of multiple cameras, motion searching that detects movement in a selected area and tags it for review. Timeline scrubbing to quickly locate critical incidents and footage.
In addition, DVM R500 helps decrease lifecycle costs by leveraging global open security standards such as ONVIF to enhance system interoperability. This enables organizations to use the latest security cameras and equipment while protecting past technology investments.
DVM R500 is also an integral component of Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), an award-winning building management system that ties all aspects of a security solution together, including video, access control and intrusion detection. EBI integrates comfort, life safety, energy and other core facility controls as well.
This gives users like MONA a single point of access to all the essential information and resources needed to monitor, manage and protect a facility, campus or multi-site operation. As a result, security directors have optimized visibility and intelligence, and can deploy their staff and resources more efficiently and effectively.
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