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Civlec Wins ACT CCTV

Civlec Services Wins ACT CCTV & Bluetooth Contract.

Civlec Wins ACT CCTV & Bluetooth Contract.

Civlec Wins ACT CCTV – Civlec Services has won the Transport Canberra and City Services’ Disruption Taskforce Intelligent Transport Systems Package 3 tender for streetlight column-mounted CCTV and Bluetooth devices.

Released by Transport Canberra and City Services, the $A183,000 tender sought a prequalified contractor for the installation of traffic monitoring CCTV and Bluetooth devices onto street utility poles at multiple locations.

Civlec Wins ACT CCTV & Bluetooth

Transport Canberra and City Services manages roads, footpaths, street lights and cycle paths, as well as Canberra’s public transport system, including buses and light rail.

Civlec Services is a Canberra based electrical contractor established in 2017, specialised in Traffic Signals and Street Lighting and servicing a variety of civil electrical tasks.

In conjunction with street lighting, intelligent traffic systems are at the core of Civlec’s services, which include installation of traffic signals, as well as ITS equipment, including CCTV and Bluetooth nodes.

You can find out more about Civlec Services here and read more SEN news here.

“Civlec Wins ACT CCTV & Bluetooth Contract.”

Civlec Services Wins ACT CCTV 2 LR
Civlec Wins ACT CCTV 2


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