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Crow Alarm Panel Opening Doors

CROW has long had a range of capable alarm panels and sensors but the company’s latest offering, the Runner 16, takes these abilities one step further thanks to the integration of 8-door access control. It’s not that Crow has never developed alarm panels with access control features before – it has – but the Runner 16 takes Crow’s access control aspirations to the next level. Access control isn’t the only clever element of the new Runner 16. This panel takes advantage of the latest comms technology to exploit a 4-wire unshielded communications buss that allows system modules and keypads to be added anywhere on the buss up to 100m from the main control panel.Importantly, the Buss can withstand temporary shorts of up to +12V without control panel damage and the system provides 350mA of 12VDC auxiliary power for alarm devices.The beauty of buss technology like this is the flexibility it gives installers. Once the panel is in place and the 4-wire loop positioned in a drop ceiling, techs can connect devices into it with a simple drop cable, expanding the installation as requirements change. The access control element of Runner 16 depends on this 4-wire buss. Using the buss, up to 8 addressable keypad devices can be connected to a panel. Depending on the system layout these devices can be LCD keypads or proprietary prox readers. A neat feature is that each prox reader has an alarm input so zones can piggyback on prox readers for greater flexibility and in order to provide direct protection of access points.Alarm inputsOf course this system is not just about access control. The Runner-16 is also a hybrid control panel supporting up to 16 wired or wireless zones. All zones are supervised and capable of operating listed heat detectors, smoke detectors, alarm contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, vibration detectors (1 to 8), and burglary alarm detection devices. The system supports up to 8 outputs (4 on-board (3 x open collector (voltage) & 1 x dry contact relay output (related to output 4) and 4 on an output Relay Expander). All outputs are programmable to activate for 1 of 20 possible options. The Runner-16 has to be installed with a 4 wire unshielded communication Buss that allows system modules and keypads to be added anywhere on the Buss up to 100m from the main control panel.The alarm panel supports digital communications via the built-in PSTN telephone dialler, Reporting via the GSM cellular network is possible via an add-on module, and up to 8 telephone numbers and two separate Contact-ID Account numbers can be programmed to report the two different possible Area Activations. The call back option provides Maximum Upload/Download communication security. The system dialer supports major communication formats including SIA and Contact ID. Programmable Events transmitted include: fire alarms, intrusion alarms, trouble alarms, supervisory conditions, alarm restored codes, opening (disarming) and closing (arming) codes, partial closing codes, and opening after alarm codes. The Runner-16 can transmit a test code to the central monitoring station(s) on a programmable daily, weekly or monthly mode at a preset timing.There is a 500mA, PTC (Electronic Fuse) protected, supervised siren circuit that will drive a siren until reset or silenced. Siren output is programmable as steady or pulsed for each zone. The Runner-16 has an EEPROM memory to store all program information including when an AC or battery power fails.To prevent false alarms and unnecessary transmissions to central monitoring stations, the alarm panel features Contact ID/ SIA false alarm prevention, programmable two-trigger by zone, audible exit delay, audible exit fault, opening after alarm reporting, arm/disarm siren sound, urgency on entry delay, “fast exit”, programmable transmission delay by zone, and transmission delay on AC failure, TLM trouble, low battery, recent close code. The system has a STAY and a stay arming capability to allow the user to remain on the premises while the system is armed. A FAST-ARM feature allows users without access codes to arm the system and exit. A door chime feature allows the keypad to beep when a selected door is opened or closed.The system supports multi language LCD keypads with backlit displays. Each keypad is capable of operating the entire system. Multi language keypads feature 32-character LCD with easy menu-based plain language programming instructions, operating instructions, and display of all alarms and supervisory conditions. Language can be selected by pressing a keypad key combination. The LCD keypad has keypad-activated emergency button alarms for panic, emergency, fire, and duress; 2 programmable function keys or programmable keypad functions; LED indicators for Ready, Armed, Stay Trouble or System; and are equipped with a piezo buzzer for audible feedback for correctkey entries, pre-alert, and trouble. The system allows 100 access codes including 80 wireless users, duress codes, 1 installer code, and 1 maintenance programming code (Upload/Download code).The Runner-16 supports Upload/Download Software to allow programming and operation from a directly connected local computer or from a remote computer over a PSTN telephone line or GSM cellular dedicated communication equipment. Remote access can be controlled by the User to preventunauthorized access.The system supports events log and transactions with time and date stamp – RTC (real time clock using lithium battery). Information is stored in the system’s 255 event buffer which can be viewed from the LCD keypad or via Upload-Download software.

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