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Dicker Data DAS Networking for Success

Dicker Data DAS Networking for Success - Hikvision, HPE Networking Instant On and HPE Aruba Networking, are back.

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Dicker Data DAS Networking for Success Courses Now On!

Dicker Data DAS Networking for Success – In a great initiative from Dicker Data DAS ‘Networking for Success’ courses in partnership with Hikvision, HPE Networking Instant On and HPE Aruba Networking, are back.

The comprehensive courses offer security professionals an immersive hands-on lab experience focused on essential networking.

“Our expert trainers will guide you through fundamental wired networking concepts, covering switching, routing, NAT, IP addressing, DHCP, VLANs, and DNS,” said DAS’ Tony Tran.

“You’ll have the opportunity to apply these principles hands-on, with practical exercises using Hikvision and HPE Networking Instant On switches technology integrated seamlessly into the curriculum.”

According to Tran, in today’s digital age, the ability to connect people and places through networks is crucial for success.

“As a security integrator or installer, the importance of reliable and secure networking is paramount and this training is aimed at providing our partners with the knowledge and skills you need to design, configure, and implement networks with confidence,” Tran said.

Meanwhile James Layton said the DAS team was thrilled to bring back ‘Networking for Success’ in collaboration with Hikvision.

“Investing in our partners’ networking skills through hands-on, practical training is essential for empowering security professionals and enhancing industry standards,” Layton said. “This event represents our commitment to providing top-notch education and resources to our community.”

The events kick off in July, starting in Brisbane and then heading to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Registrations are now open but be quick this will sell out! You can register or find out more here or read more SEN news here.

“Dicker Data DAS Networking for Success Courses Now On!”

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John Adams
John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.


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