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HomeNewsGallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta

Gallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta

Gallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta INDO Security Expo 2023.

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Gallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta INDO Security Expo 2023.

Gallagher & Idemia take biometrics to Jakarta – Gallagher and Idemia are taking their latest biometric technologies to INDO Security Expo & Forum 2023 in Jakarta, August 30 to September 1.

Under the spotlight are Gallagher Command Centre’s latest enhancements, which include a new integration with IDEMIA VisionPass to complete Gallagher’s suite of biometric options.

Combined with IDEMIA’s MorphoWave, Command Centre 8.90 allows customers multiple options for streamlining access control with biometric recognition while simultaneously strengthening security on site.

“These integrations simplify everyday business tasks,” according to Joe Fan, Gallagher’s regional marketing manager for Asia, who will join the Gallagher team for the event.

“IDEMIA VisionPass not only creates a smoother access experience, but because it’s difficult to manipulate facial recognition, it’s also a strong security option,” Fan said.

The Gallagher team will also be showcasing the newest product from Gallagher Security, the Controller 7000 Single Door (C7000 SD), a powerful and robust network-connected controller providing a complete and flexible solution for distributed architectures, legacy system migrations, and business expansion.

Gallagher Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta 2 LR
Gallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta 4

In addition to single door access control, the C7000 SD is a lower-cost controller that can be used for system interfaces, alarm monitoring, perimeter security, and external device control. More importantly, the C7000 SD is built with cybersecurity and future technologies in mind.

Gallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta

“Cyber risks and threats change so rapidly that a major part of being cybersecure means ensuring your hardware and software can match the pace,” Fan said.

“The C7000 SD was designed to be responsive to those types of rapid adaptations. It’s built to future-proof our customers’ investment and lay a foundation for emerging technologies that may not even exist yet.”

Gallagher & Idemia

Visitors to the Gallagher IDEMIA booth will also see live demos of the Command Centre Mobile App, which allows users to extend security and access control directly to where it’s needed most, and Gallagher’s Perimeter Solution, which continuously monitors fencing to deter intrusion and intelligently detect potential breaches without the risk of false alarms.

Integrations with VMS, CCTV, and intercom devices will also be on display, rounding out a suite of security technologies that work with Command Centre to provide holistic site management from one centralized platform.

“It’s an exciting time for Gallagher’s customers,” Fan said. “We’ve got a lot we’re looking forward to sharing at INDO Security Expo & Forum – or contact the sales team to schedule a demo.”

You can find out more about INDO Security Expo & Forum here, there’s more about Gallagher here and IDEMIA here, or you can read more SEN news here.

“Gallagher & Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta INDO Security Expo 2023.”

Gallagher Idemia Take Biometrics To Jakarta 3 LR
Gallagher & Idemia take biometrics to Jakarta for INDO Security Expo & Forum.
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