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Ge Gets Certification For Diffraction X-Ray

GE’s “Yxlon XES 3000(R)” system, which uses X-ray diffraction technology to identify the chemical signature of explosives, is the first non-computed tomography (CT) based technology to meet the TSA’s certification standards for the detection of explosive devices.

To date, GE Infrastructure Security’s Homeland Protection subsidiary has received orders for XRD systems from six European airports and the Israeli Airport Authority. No company has more explosives detection technologies certified by the TSA than GE Infrastructure.

Louis Parker, President & CEO, Homeland Protection, said, “By combining this XRD technology with our family of CT-based explosives detection systems, baggage screeners will have yet another tool available to detect the presence of explosives and prevent dangerous materials from reaching an airplane, protecting travelers worldwide. This means greater peace of mind for the airports and their customers.”

For the first time since certification of GE’s “InVision CTX 5000(R)” system in 1994, a non-computed tomography (CT) based technology has met the TSA’s strict certification standards. XRD technology identifies the chemical signature of explosives, providing complimentary detection capabilities to CT based systems.  

Other systems based on CT technology, including the “InVision CTX 9000 DSi(R)” system, “InVision CTX 5500 DS(R)” system, “InVision CTX 2500(R)” system and “InVision CTX 1000(R)”system are all certified by the TSA to detect explosives in passenger checked baggage.


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