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Gunnebo Bring UVEYE To SAGE


Gunnebo Bring UVEYE To SAGE

Gunnebo bring UVEYE to SAGE – Gunnebo is bringing the UVEYE under vehicle scanning system to SAGE 2022 at the Realm Hotel Canberra November 17 pre-register here.

Gunnebo’s UVEye has advanced deep learning algorithms that provide security professionals with the top tier access control solutions to scan, detect and alert on potential risks including IED’s, weapons and drugs; offering unprecedented reliability for vehicle undercarriage inspections.

UVEye is available to be set up as a stationary or mobile unit – the stationary solution has 5 multi-directional cameras, works under extreme weather conditions, supporting single and multi-lane arrangements and, supports up to 20 tonnes per axle. Meanwhile, the mobile unit is transportable, operational within 5 minutes, has 3 multi-directional cameras and a built-in operator station.

UVEYE’s high resolution cameras capture the sharpest quality images of the passing vehicle’s undercarriage which are then stitched in an ‘area scan’ process, providing security teams with the most accurate picture analysis available. The system is built with an interoperability into existing access control solutions, including LPR, facial recognition and other systems.

The intuitive user interface alerts users to potential threats, requiring only minimal training in order to have qualified inspections up and running. The stationary and mobile units provide reliable operations no matter the weather and are IP68 and IP54-compliant respectively.

You can view Gunnebo’s UVEYE mobile unit and learn more about under vehicle scanning by visiting the team at booth 34 at SAGE at the Realm Hotel, Canberra, November 17, pre-register here!

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