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Hills Group’s Gabriel Daher Steps Across To UHS



Gabriel Daher, former group general manager at Hills Group, has been made general manager of that company’s UHS security comms business. UHS is a network comms supplier and manufacturer. 

There are a number of ways to view Daher’s repositioning but probably the correct one is that it indicates Hills Group’s senior management realises the company needs to get squarely on the front foot when it comes to alarm and video monitoring technology. The systems of the future will be all about the management and facilitation of comms networks and that demands a backend engineering solution that actually works. 

It’s a key piece of the puzzle moving forward for every big player in the electronic security market and Daher is certainly the man for what will be a challenging job. Given the length of time it has taken some of the incumbent players in the industry to develop their technologies, a timeline of 2 years is optimistic. 

Daher’s is the latest tweak in the senior management teams of Hills Group’s security businesses. Over the past 6 months, Robert Meachem has taken on a GM position at Simoco, Rob Rosa has taken on the COO role at Q Security Systems, while George Salman who resigned towards the end of last year, is reported to be considering a senior management role with a boutique electronic security supplier. 

UHS’ UltraSec network solution provides path-monitored, multi-path security communications for existing and new security installations, while UHS’ UltraConnect security communicators are single path (IP or GPRS) communicators, or high-availability dual-path communicators for high-grade security communications applications. UHS also provides a range of video capture solutions for remote video monitoring and verification. 

By John Adams


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