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Honeywell Launches Rapid Eye HD DVR

The Rapid Eye can record, search and transmit video, audio and data transactions while simultaneously providing end users with both live monitoring and post-event playback operation. The product’s highly interactive user interfaces – complete with PTZ mouse control – are available remotely, locally and at a limited bandwidth, offering customers increased ease of use and flexibility of operation which in turn reduces training time and boosts employee productivity.
The Rapid Eye has the added benefit of full integration with the suite of Honeywell security products including the MaxPro VMS, Win-Pak and Pro-Watch access control platforms. This robust access control integration, combined with its strength as a loss prevention analysis tool with an in-built, PCI-compliant data capture capability makes Rapid Eye DVRs the perfect application for retail projects in particular. 
The range of data storage options offered by Rapid Eye runs from 500 Gb to 4 Tb. To optimise its storage capacity, the product uses H.261/263 proprietary codecs to compress images providing better picture quality, lower file sizes and more video storage volume than an MPEG-4 model.


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