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Honeywells New HRXD Multichannel DVRs

This new DVR adds capabilities that will address a greater number of surveillance applications as well as adding features that further improve ease of operation: * Reliable continuous operation. HRXD supports the Linux operating system (OS), well known in the industry for high reliability, and well suited for industrial applications. The HRXD OS is loaded into FLASH instead of the hard drive for additional reliability.* Ease of operation for the end user. The HRXD supports a highly intuitive user interface via the front panel button layout, mouse and infrared remote support, local menus, and RASplus. Because it is easy for end users to search for video and then to quickly burn evidence to CD, chances of identifying sources of fraud are improved, resulting in greater profits for the end user.* Ease of operation for the installer. The intuitive front panel, local menus, mouse and infrared remote support, and RASplus make installation and commissioning faster, with more predictable results. This results in increased profits for the installer.* Support for mouse and infrared remote control. The infrared remote control and mouse support offers an additional two modes of operation which further improve ease of use for the end user and installer, and can expedite DVR configuration and end user operation. For example, PTZ operation can be controlled by the mouse as an alternative to the DVR front panel.* High recording rate of up to 200 ips. Capturing a sufficient amount of detail in surveillance of fast-moving objects typically requires recording at a high recording ips rate. Examples of these applications include recording PTZ cameras operating tours, following people or objects such as moving vehicles, and following people moving through hallways such as students in a school.* RASplus software supports simultaneous connection to 16 sites. The new version of RASplus software will improve our customers’ ability to manage a network of DVRs. In addition to simultaneous connection to multiple sites, our customers will have the ability to incorporate site maps with RASplus that integrates cameras within each map.

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