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i-PRO Active Guard For XProtect


i-PRO Active Guard For XProtect

♦ i-PRO Active Guard for XProtect – i-PRO Active Guard Search comprises of edge-based AI cameras and an Active Guard server and delivers enhanced AI object detection capabilities to Milestone XProtect VMS.

The i-PRO video stream is connected to Milestone for standard recording, while best shot images and metadata are sent to Active Guard server.

Developed by Orbnet Systems, the plug-in allows for a connection to be made to the Active Guard server from Milestone XProtect. After installation and a simple connection made in the management client, the Active Guard Search tab will be available in the XProtect Smart Client.

When a search is requested from the XProtect Smart Client, the Active Guard Best shot thumbnail images are returned into the search preview pane. When a thumbnail is selected the corresponding video recording is shown in a preview window.

You can find out more about Active Guard Plug-in from BGW Technologies.

Key features:

* Search by people characteristics such as gender, age, and clothing colour. People characteristics also can be saved for watchlist
* Search by vehicle characteristics such as type, color and moving direction
* Search face and register to watchlists. Face matching alarm generated on Active Guard server can be used on Alarm manager on XProtect
* Alarm notification (Registered face/people detection) will be available on XProtect with Active Guard Server V1.5 or later.

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