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ICT Upgrades 1-Door Solution

ICT Upgrades 1-Door Solution To Standardise Functionality.

ICT Upgrades 1-Door Solution To Standardise Functionality.

ICT upgrades 1-door solution – ICT has upgraded its 1-door controller, bringing the compact system in line with the functionality of ICT’s 2-door controllers.

The single door controller is the central processing unit responsible for handling access control, intrusion detection, and building automation. Able to support 2 readers, it communicates with all Protege system modules, stores all configuration and transaction information, and reports alarms and activities.

ICT Upgrades 1-Door Solution

The controller has 2 multi-purpose monitored inputs, a Form C relay output, Optional PoE, 1 RS-485 enabled reader port, allowing connection of up to 2 RS-485 capable readers providing entry/exit control for a single door and RS-485 reader port connections supporting configuration for OSDP protocol.

This is a compact DIN rail unit with dimensions of 78mm long x 90mm wide x 60mm high and a gross weight of around 250g. You can find out more about the ICT 1-door controller here or read more SEN news here.

ICT Upgrades 1-Door Solution Now Includes:

  • Updated controller operating system
  • New operating system supports HTTPS security
  • Single record downloads are now supported
  • USB A port for Protege DIN rail cellular modem.

“ICT Upgrades 1-Door Solution To Standardise Functionality.”

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ICT Upgrades 1-door solution to standardise functionality.


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