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AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 3

AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 3 For Higher Security.

For Higher Security,AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 3 Is A Must

Fibra-A range of AJAX wired Fibra devices has been officially Grade 3 certified for higher security applications.

Hub Hybrid (2G), MultiTransmitter Fibra, StreetSiren Fibra, StreetSiren DoubleDeck Fibra, HomeSiren Fibra, and KeyPad Fibra are the first Grade 3 certified Ajax Systems devices, with more Ajax devices currently undergoing certification process.

AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 3

Grade 3 certified systems are used in large enterprises and high-risk facilities where enhanced security is demanded. Ajax security systems can now cover jewellery and arms stores, banks and financial institutions, ATMs, and other facilities requiring a Grade 3 security level.

Installers and integrators should note that Grade 3 Certified devices will have a Grade 3 mark. You can find out more about AJAX Systems Fibra here, or read more SEN news here.

“AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 3 For Higher Security.”

AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 4 LR
AJAX Fibra Certified Grade 3.


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