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Tecom Discovery Control Panel

Tecom Discovery Control Panel Emerges.

Tecom Discovery Control Panel Emerges.

Tecom Discovery control panel – SEN got a sneak preview of Aritech’s Tecom TSX10000 Discovery control panel recently and there’s a whole lot to like about this new solution.

Before we get started, Tecom Discovery is still deep in firmware development, so there’s considerable software functionality to be locked in – most importantly, though, the Tecom Discovery shows huge flexibility with every existing Tecom controller and device, as well as with devices yet to be released.

According to Aritech product manager, Aaron Cargill, this is Aritech’s most powerful Tecom panel yet, with completely new architecture, a much more powerful processor and a web-driven interface, that’s being designed and developed by Aritech’s Melbourne-based R&D team and will be manufactured in Australia.

Of note, the Tecom Discovery design team is headed up by none other than Dean Reilly, one of the developers of the original Tecom Challenger panel way back in the early 1990s.

Tecom TSX10000 Discovery Control Panel 2 LR
Tecom Discovery control panel – it’s tidy work from Aritech.

This new system, which is supported by WMS Pro management software, will offer reduced install times, faster performance diagnoses, enhanced integrations and importantly for high-end Australian users, the system is being designed and manufactured in Australia based on local market feedback.

Tecom Discovery Control Panel

Looking at the engineering sample of the hardware over Aaron’s shoulder during our preview, I can see there are 4 relays, 16 inputs, no dip switches for new hardware, support for 4G/5G/Wi-Fi, 2nd NIC via USB, there’s support for self-addressing devices, there’s electronic LAN balancing, installers can connect existing Challenger input and relay expansion modules, power is no longer 16V AC but 12-24V DC via 2.5A power supply.

Tecom Discovery Control Panel Emerges

There’s also a web browser for all apps and config options, Ethernet P2P to all hardware, built-in LAN RS-485 converter, general purpose 10A relays for doors, LEDs that indicate status for all I/Os, there’s conveniently located power for all devices located adjacent to inputs, and readers supported include Weigand, clock & data and OSDP.

According to Cargill, while the Tecom Discovery is backwards compatible with Tecom ChallengerPlus devices, those functionalities are just a starting point – the Tecom Discovery is a different and far more powerful beast with system unity at its heart.

“The hardware we’re looking at is a 3D-printed engineering version, not the finished product, but it’s fairly representative of how the Discovery hardware will look,” Cargill says.

Don’t miss our full demo of the Tecom Discovery coming up soon in SEN – you can find out more about Aritech here and read more SEN news here.

“Tecom Discovery Control Panel Emerges.”

Tecom TSX10000 Discovery Control Panel 3 LR
Tecom Discovery Control Panel 4
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