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Inner Range Significantly Expands

Inner Range Expands in Australia.

Inner Range Significantly Expands in Australia.

Inner Range Significantly Expands – Inner Range has hired 10 new people in its research & development, global channel support and production departments to expedite its expansion into global markets through Wesco.

“We are focusing on our organisation’s short to medium-term objective,” said Gabriel Daher, VP and GM at Inner Range.

Inner Range Significantly Expands

“As part of our long-range product and channel development plan, we have now entered the first stage of implementation, which is hiring personnel to complement the immediate and long-term objectives of the plan.

Inner Range Significantly Expands In Australia

“These strategic initial hires will give us the horsepower required to meet our objectives and set us up nicely for some great product releases over the next 3-12 months. We are entering an exciting phase of Inner Range’s history, as never before has there been such a significant investment in the development of Inner Range products for the global market.”

According to Daher, Inner Range will have new product developments on display at this year’s Security Exhibition at the ICC Sydney on the August 30 with further announcements expected soon.

You can find out more about Inner Range here and read more SEN news here.

“Inner Range Significantly Expands in Australia.”

Inner Range Expands Gabriel Daher.jpg LR
Inner Range Expands – Gabriel Daher.


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