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Micah Hines Joins EOS

Micah Hines Joins EOS As Business Development Manager, Queensland.

Micah Hines Joins EOS – Micah Hines has joined EOS as business development manager Queensland.

Hines comes to EOS after many years in distribution where he has worked with many different product types and brands. Getting his start as a store person with Pacom (Hills) back in 2006, this year marks Hines’ 17th year in the security industry.

“Micah’s extensive experience in the security industry, as well as his ability to work with a wide range of customers, makes him a valuable asset to our QLD team,” said Patrick Cha, Director at EOS Australia.

“With his knowledge of security solutions and strong connections in the industry, he will no doubt be able to help EOS expand its customer base and achieve its growth objectives.

“His career highlights include opportunities to work with great people and travel to different parts of Australia, giving him a unique perspective on the security industry and the needs of customers in different regions.”

Micah Hines Joins EOS Australia

Meanwhile, Hines said he was delighted to have joined the EOS team and would bring knowledge and experience gained over many years to provide growth to the business.

“EOS has a great range of products in its line-up and with EOS being more boutique than larger distributors, I feel that there is untapped potential for the QLD business to grow and it’s something I want to be a part of,” Hines said.

“Having worked with many wholesalers over the years has given me the opportunity to work with a broad range of customers. This could be anyone from a small installation business to a national SI and everyone in between – that’s a perfect match for EOS – we will assist any customer regardless of the company size, budget or the type of jobs they undertake.”

You can find out more about EOS Australia here and see more SEN news here.

“Micah Hines Joins EOS As Business Development Manager, Queensland.”

Micah Hines Joins EOS 2 LR
Micah Hines Joins EOS 2



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