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NYCs Video Analytic System

NYC’s new video analytic solution pulls data from 100 license plate readers on bridges; in tunnels and on city police cars; as well as gathering data from 2600 radiation sensors and images from 3000 public surveillance cameras around Manhattan. 
According to Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, the system, which will support crime prevention and counterterrorism, will and will relay information “so it can be analyzed and acted upon” by the NYPD, Bloomberg said. The technology has a role “in fighting everyday crime.” 
According to a joint statement by city officials and Microsoft, the system was developed “by police officers for police officers.” Its capabilities include real-time alerts and the ability to display data on maps of the city. Cameras can be programmed to sound an alarm if they spot suspicious activity, such as an unattended package or vehicle parked in front of a building.
New York police commissioner Ray Kelly said the system “allows us to connect the dots” by providing access to crime records, 911 calls, license-plate registration, video, and other data sources.
Microsoft worked with the NYPD’s Intelligence Division and Counter-Terrorism Bureau over several years to develop the Domain Awareness System. Depending on how it performs, the system may be offered to other municipalities. In a unique business relationship, Microsoft will pay New York 30 per cent of revenue on sales of the system to other cities.


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