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Panasonic, Pacific Communications And Secom Technical Services Visit RIDBC

STS who contributed in raised over $2000 of the total $8000 in last year’s Charity Regatta, which has gone directly towards the installation of a brand new specialised dual-swing set for the playground at ABS.
Last week, ABS Principal Paul Colyer was able to reveal the results of their fundraising efforts to Fraser Larcombe from Panasonic Australia and Scott Myles from Pacific Communications.
Colyer said he was appreciative of the efforts of STS and their major contributor to the cause, Westcorp Group: “Here at ABS we only receive 25 per cent of our annual budget from the Government. When you add up all the equipment required to ensure every child here has access to the same learning facilities as any other, unfortunately we need a lot more money to get by. Charitable donations such as this are a great help and we are very appreciative.”
Colyer and the team at ABS are constantly looking to the future and working on varied approaches so that all children can enjoy and have access to a wholesome learning experience. This includes social interaction with other children and exercise in the playground.
“During the visit I learned that each child’s educational program is completely individual and is meticulously arranged by parents, teachers and occupational therapists,” said Larcombe. “All of the staff at ABS work incredibly hard to equip these children with important life skills and we are thrilled to have been a part of giving back to a school that absolutely deserves it.”
Panasonic has already committed to sponsoring the event in November this year which Scott Myles promises will be even bigger, guaranteeing more money and awareness for the Alice Betteridge School and its students.
The students at ABS are deaf, blind, deaf and blind, and also have a mild intellectual disability. The school runs from Kindergarten to Year 12 and has a ratio of one Special Education trained teacher to every two students. On top of the teachers in the classroom the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children employs nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists and audiologists.
If you would like more information on the Alice Betteridge School please visit their website https://www.ridbc.org.au/resources/db_alicebetteridge.asp 


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