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Rsi Launches New Cctv-Based Alarm System

In parts of Europe, and in Britain in particular, video verification of alarm events must be available before police will respond to an alarm event. The ability to quickly identify crimes in progress gives central stations the ability to support expedited police dispatch. Law enforcement officials respond more quickly to alarm calls when central stations report that they have visually verified an intruder or dangerous situation.  The Visioguard includes a patented P-Cam, which combines a PIR (Passive InfraRed motion sensor) with a day/night camera. When the system is armed, intruder motion triggers the PIR and the integrated camera captures 10 seconds of video and transmits this Videofied alarm to the central station. Since the camera is activated only during an alarm, homeowner privacy is protected.  The central station views the video and determines whether law enforcement dispatch is needed. A request for police dispatch can be made within 20 seconds after the alarm.  With over 50,000 systems installed in Europe since 2002, there has not been a single report of a false police dispatch or incurring of false alarm fines. There has always been a demand for video-based security in the private residence, but privacy concerns have never been addressed. Videofied alarms effectively address these concerns. S2VIEW (Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive, Encrypted, Wireless) technology is the heart of the Videofied alarm system. S2VIEW is a 2-way 868 MHz 4-channel spread spectrum radio with 128 bit military AES encryption. By reinforcing powerful signals with high-grade protection, S2VIEW enables rapid, secure transmission of quality images.


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