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SCSI Distributing Bold Manitou Central Station Automation Solutions

SCSI will distribute the full Bold Technologies Manitou range of central station automation solutions, as well as the rest of the Bold range, including PSIM products. 

Bold Technologies ManitouCS central station automation solution supports more than 600 central stations most in North America, 30 of which are 100,000 lines or more. The average number of lines per Bold central station is about 25,000, with the largest being 425,000 lines split between commercial and residential. 

According to Bold, ManitouCS is monitoring close to 12 million customers from a total of 50 million monitored lines in the US. ManitouCS will be integrated with SCSI’s Direct Wireless solutions, which is installed in around 100 central stations across Australia. 

It’s a great fit for SCSI and for Bold Technologies, both of which have long histories in the alarm monitoring market. Importantly, there are a number of Bold Technologies’ solutions already installed in Australia, meaning significant backend integration has already been successfully completed, with one mid-sized central station running Manitou in Melbourne for the last 5 years.

“I’m excited about the development – the features are extensive,” says SCSI’s Dale Acott. “There are open API’s in Bold’s Manitou solutions that allow integration with our Direct Wireless products. In fact, there are 65 modules that bolt onto the back of the Manitou central station automation solution offering new features and new revenue streams people have never seen before.” 

According to Chuck Speck, president of Bold Technologies, SCSI will have the full product line at their disposal, they’ll have front line support through a specialized team that works Australian business hours, in order to support local sites. 

“We are a very active developing company growing at more than 60 central stations per year,” Speck explains. “We have more developers than our competitors have staff – we push our products every 2 months. Software is a difficult business – it’s a challenge if you don’t have the staff and the active resource to keep up with it. 

“There are a couple of things that set us apart – we are the only automation platform that has a full software development kit and open APIs – we open the guts up to our partners and customers,” says Speck. “It’s scary as a company to put your secrets out there but we feel we are good enough and we are growing fast enough that it’s not a threat to us and really opens development up for the control rooms. 

“Manitou allows customers to take their business in the direction they want to take it. It can be different from the guy down the street even if they are using the same software – different service, quality and offerings and you’ve got that capability at your disposal. The most exciting part for us is having a partner like SCSI, with 100 control rooms, that’s really exciting.”

Bold Technologies has a complete disaster recovery centre in Colarado and Acott says this facility will be replicated here in Australia to give monitoring stations full redundancy. 

Features of Bold Technologies’ Manitou CS include:

* Process alarms and signals quicker through standard features and add-on modules
* Increase accuracy and reduce training times with action patterns and workflows
* Handle customer base efficiently, whether 5000 accounts or over 5,000,000
* Maintain control with standard Windows conventions, easy keyboard and mouse use
* Protect users from getting lost under a shower of windows with Manitou Navigator
* UL 1981 Certified for Central Station and Control Rooms
* Includes the SnapReporter module to easily create custom reports.

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