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Sia Joins Corestreet For Convergence Report

The report, which is part of SIA’s “Quarterly Technical Update,” explains technological requirements with regard to FIPS 201, as well as major drivers for physical and IT convergence in the federal government.
“This report is the ideal executive summary of FIPS 201,” said Rob Zivney, vice president of Hirsch Electronics. “It is a great starting point for anyone trying to get their arms around the technology of the new PIV smart card.
It clarifies the impact on the physical access control system for both the manufacturer and the local site trying to understand the overwhelming number of documents published on the subject. There is just the right balance of technical detail and breadth of scope. We have made it required reading at Hirsch.”
SIA asked for CoreStreet’s help because of the firm’s long history of working with the federal government as well as its ability to design and deploy infrastructure solutions for IT and physical security. The 32-page report is available as a free download from SIA and CoreStreet.


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