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Too Easy, Says Bosch

With Easy Series, installation and set up of the panel is simple with no need to read manuals. The small panel has colour-coded terminal strips with easy identification of each connection using easily understandable symbols. Installers can define up to eight points, and connect up to four external signalling devices and up to four control centres. It includes an internal power supply unit and a tamper switch. Fire detectors can also be added, allowing a complete home or small business security platform to be quickly built up. Configuration and system self-test are all voice-prompted for fast installation and can be controlled remotely via a telephone which can also be used for remote maintenance. Remote operation is simple and pre-configuration and programming uses an optional plug-in programming key. Plug-in voice modules are already available in more than 20 languages. In order to alter the system language, only the voice module has to be changed. To activate this panel on or off can be by means of an RFID (proximity) token. To turn the system on, the token is presented to the control centre at approximately 5 cm distance. Alternatively, the panel can be armed by entering a pass-code or pressing a single button. Immediately, a voice prompt will tell the current status and, at the same time, the display will be illuminated. By means of the token and voice-prompting, anyone including children can easily and reliably turn the system on and off. Unlike conventional keypads, the control centre uses only symbols and colour with no text. Featuring a high-contrast LCD display, the user can see at a glance whether the panel has been turned on in either the occupied or unoccupied mode. The control centre also includes a presence detector that activates the status display if someone approaches closer than 30 cm. In addition, a microphone for area monitoring is integrated and five keys under the slide cover allow a pass-code to be entered for a medical or panic alarm. After an alarm transmission to a monitoring centre, Easy Series can also send an individual text or voice message to a cell phone of the owner or the neighbours.

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