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Vesda Goes Into Helsinki Bus Terminal

Vision Systems has deployed its internationally acclaimed VESDA early warning smoke detection at Europe’s largest bus terminal; the Kamppi Terminal in Helsinki, Finland. Alpo Makinen, Project Manager at Kamppi Terminal said: “The Kamppi Bus Terminal is the most prominent project in Finland to adopt this performance based design approach. Owing to the unique nature of the building, the VESDA smoke detection system is ideal for this application because it is easy to maintain and is not susceptible to nuisance alarms.” The system comprises VESDA LaserPLUS smoke detectors that have been combined with Siemen’s own Fibrolaser technology. Exploiting the natural movement of the air in and out of the terminal through its ventilation system, the VESDA air sampling pipe network was strategically placed in front of the smoke extraction system in the terminal building, enabling constant monitoring of smoke levels. VESDA maximises early warning notification of smoke, which in turn means that users can minimise false alarms and nuisance call outs.


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