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What To See At SecTech Perth

What To See At SecTech Roadshow 2023.

What To See At SecTech Perth 2023, Crown Perth This Tuesday May 16!

What To See At SecTech Perth – This year’s SecTech Roadshow is bringing 34 exhibitors around Australia – With 34 exhibitors, this is the biggest electronic security expo Perth has ever seen and there’s a range of security solutions from enterprise to residential, from locking systems to enterprise management solutions.

Whether you’re a consultant for big mining clients, a security manager handling digital transition of an enterprise security solution, an integrator handling traditional and IP-based SME, council and industrial applications, or you’re working in alarms and home automation, there’s plenty on show.

What to see at SecTech Perth
What To See At SecTech Perth 12

You’ll see access control and alarm systems, cameras and VMS, security management solutions, biometrics, pedestrian and vehicle access readers, electronic locks, thermal cameras, smart home solutions, automation solutions, IoT options, smart city solutions, dedicated networking and storage systems and loads more.

Check out Qolsys IQ6 on the JCI stand, along with the companies Qolsys pro system and home automation networking solution. Nearkey FSL-700-BLE access system on a strike on the Fermax stand, Reliance XR on the DAS stand – a 45-zone version of the powerful XR Pro.

What To See At SecTech Perth 13

VSP’s Boring Labs video analytics solution takes Milestone XProtect to the next level, Gallagher is showing it’s SMB cloud-based access control and intrusion detection solution, as well as its compact and powerful 7000 expander, while Inner Range is showing the latest Integriti V23 software with loads of new features.

What To See At SecTech 2023

On the BGW Technologies stand, don’t miss the excellent Qolsys 4 system, the Qolsys takeover module, which allows installers to encrypt and connect 8 hardwired zones using PowerG, as well as the compact Avigilon H6 camera, Panasonic’s increasingly evolved IVA, Milestone XProtect, Dell servers and loads more.

Meanwhile, UNV has brought a range of highly capable and affordable cameras, including some of the most compact PTZs we’ve ever seen.

What To See At SecTech Perth 14

Hikvision is also showing a cross section of its newest gear, including CCTV, IVA, thermal, the latest version of its proven iVMS, as well as Hik-Connect and plenty more. It goes without saying, this is all capable and competively priced – there’s even a sub-500 optical thermal 4MP dome camera with analytics.

U Prox 1 LT
What To See At SecTech Perth 15

Another brand it’s worth checking out is Ukrainian manufacturer U-Prox, which makes a range of access control and alarm solutions for residential and SME applications. It’s functional, good looking, competitively priced and well-supported locally.

It’s also everyone’s chance to see the Suprema/Paxton integration with the latest in facial recognition, and have a chance to win a trip to Bali.

What To See At SecTech Perth 16

What To See At SecTech 2023

Alarm.com is showing its latest software solution – we’ve been playing with this system over the last couple of weeks and can vouch for its ease of use and functional capability. Sektor is showing a number of key products – we especially like Ava cloud video, which offers integrators an entirely new enterprise business model, while supporting customer’s inevitable digital transitions.

What To See At SecTech Perth 17

Powerstack has been getting plenty of attention with its solar utility pole, which integrates solar cells into the pole, rather than mounting a separate panel. This is a good-looking product, designed, built and supported locally.

On the LSC stand Milesight has been getting lots of walk-up. The key products are cameras, but we’ve been running the SecTech Wi-Fi network on a Milesight 4G LTE router as a test for the first 2 cities and the company does comms well, too.

What To See At SecTech Perth 18

VSP is also showing networking, surveillance and UPS power systems, as well as Axis, Network Optix, Mobotix, Vivotek and more.

What To See At SecTech Perth

Another busy stand at the show has been Secusafe with its Ukraine-made alarm and automation solution, AJAX. SecuSafe is also showing Wi-Tek networking solutions.

There’s been solid interest in Vivotek’s camera range, and we got a peek at the low light image quality on the VSP stand in Brisbane – simply outstanding.

What To See At SecTech Perth 19

The Halo 3C on a number of stands is another great solution, offering standalone or integrated ability to detect pretty much anything, from gun to THC, vape, smoke, shouting, and plenty more.

SecTech opens in the Grand Ballroom, Crown Perth is on this Tuesday May 16 from 12-6pm. This is Perth’s one and only electronic security expo of 2023 and with 34 exhibitors, it’s also Perth’s biggest ever security expo – don’t miss it!

What To See At SecTech Perth 20

You can pre-register for SecTech Perth here, and read more SEN news here – Perth people, SecTech is your only chance to see almost all the latest security gear in your home town without flying for 5 hours – as well as to having a couple of beers with mates.

Don’t miss it!

“Check out Qolsys IQ6 on the JCI stand, Nearkey FSL-700-BLE access system on a strike on the Fermax stand, Reliance XR on the DAS stand.”

What To See At SecTech Roadshow 2023 2 LR
What To See At SecTech Perth 21



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