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Woolworths Adds To Video Analytics

Woolworths Adds To Video Analytics Citing Shrinkage Spree.

Woolworths Adds To Video Analytics Citing Shrinkage Spree.

Woolworths adds to video analytics – Retailer Woolworths has expanded its existed video surveillance solution to include ‘sensors’ which employ a pair of integrated CCTV cameras in a bid to combat shrinkage from its stores.

Woolworths has come in for criticism after beefing up CCTV capabilities around its self-service checkouts and the latest measures integrate automated physical security measures with video analytics in the checkout area to deny shoppers exit if they have not paid for items.

The new technology combines video analytics with automatic gates and will be trialled at Fairfield, Wentworthville, and Randwick Metro in NSW, as well as in Moorabbin, Millers Junction and Woodgrove in Victoria. It’s likely this system will integrate with wide elements of electronic security and monitoring.

Sensors – these look similar to the FLIR Brickstream people counter – are located on store ceilings and identify when a shopper enters the self-checkout area, assigning them a digital ID. The digital idea is matched with a red marker that remains until the customer has paid, after which it turns green – the gate will automatically open if a green-tagged customer approaches.

Woolworths Adds To Video Analytics Citing Shrinkage

The process by which the non-paying customer and paying customers might be released from the store after an exit denial event is unclear but it’s likely this will involve the intervention of security or retail staff.

Woolworths Group said during the week the role of digital and analytics capabilities is increasing in importance and it has earmarked $A2 billion in FY24 for investment in these technologies across its ecommerce network, technology and stores.

Of note, the company’s capital expenditure for the next financial year includes $40 million to be spent on CCTV upgrades, as well as on body-worn cameras and wearable duress devices to improve team safety.

According to Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci, investment in platforms and infrastructure is also “critical, enabling greater efficiency, greater efficiency and improving the resilience of our end-to-end value chain.”

You can learn more about Woolworths here or read more SEN news here.

“Woolworths Adds To Video Analytics Citing Shrinkage Spree.”

Woolworths Adds To Video Analytics 1
Woolworths adds to video analytics.


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